Personalised Woodland Reward Scratch Cards x 8




You will receive 8 beautiful woodland Scratch cards personalised with your child’s name. You can personalise them with your own custom messages or use our standard messages. Standard messages are:
1. You have won £1 for outstanding behaviour today. Well done!
2. You have won a nice chocolate bar for being so good today. Well done!
3. You tidied your toys away very well today. You’ve won 50p to spend. Well done!
4. I have noticed how nicely you have played today. You have won 50p. Well done!
5. You have won £1 for working so hard on your school work. Well done!
6. Very well done for completing your chores today. You have won 50p
7. I want you to know how much we love you. You have won a chocolate bar
8. Lockdown has been difficult but you have been amazing. You have won a treat of your choice.

Reward scratch cards are a fantastic and fun way to treat little ones. They offer encouragement and incentive to achieve tasks that they struggle to accomplish.
They are also amazing to use as a surprise for a holiday, new puppy etc. We have recently completed an order for a birthday party which is another great idea.